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Our dental professionals use expertise and artistry to help you achieve a spectacular smile. This starts with fixing small problems now so they don’t become big problems later. Easily schedule your appointment here. Request Appointment | New Patient Forms

Growing Pains

Even though the majority of the dental work we provide here at Midlothian Dental Arts tends to be reconstructive and cosmetic, we are very much […]


Veneers Our dentists at Midlothian Dental Arts are trained to create the smile you want. Patients have so many questions about veneers. Today I am […]

A Good Foundation

A Good Foundation Most of our patients here at Midlothian Dental Arts recognize the importance of keeping not only the teeth healthy but also their […]

One Size Does NOT Fit All

“What are the different types of dentures and which one is right for me?” At our dental office in Midlothian our Dentists often see patients […]


    Best Dentist

    May 08, 2013 by Leo Maynes
    Dr. Abbott has made going to the dentist non-stressful. She genuinely cares that you have the best experience possible. Dr. Abbott has made me enjoy going to the dentist again.

    Best Doctor In Richmond

    Oct 19, 2012 by Robin
    I have chosen Dr. Abbott for I believe she is the best doctor in the Richmond Metro Area. She spends much time with me explaining procedures, options, what I can expect, and always with sincere personal concern for my well being. Over a five-year period of working with Dr. Abbott, she continues to exceed my expectations and confidence in her abilities. She has proven to me that she was the best choice for my extensive and healthy restoration of teeth, gum and bones. She saved my mouth. Cosmetically, Dr. Abbott is a true and dedicated artist. She looks at the entire face like a plastic surgeon does, when she designs and creates a new and healthy smile. She wants for you, what she would want for herself and nothing less. Today I have a very healthy mouth and an amazing smile thanks to DR. Abbott

    Exceptional dental care

    Jul 29, 2012 by Marcia Gregory
    My experience so far at Midlothian Dental arts has been exceptional. All of the staff are caring and truly interested in what is best for my overall dental health. Dr. Abbott’s plans for my teeth are very innovative and exciting. Can’t wait for the “finished product” and my new healthy and beautiful smile. Thanks to you all so much for my excellent care! I’m recommending Dr. Abbott to all my friends.

    Great dental experience

    Jun 11, 2012 by S.L.
    Fantastic people working there, very friendly, helpful and professional. Thank you!!

    Midlothian Dental Arts gave me my smile back

    Apr 11, 2012 by S.R.
    I am so incredibly grateful to those at Midlothian Dental Arts for giving me back a smile I can be proud of and confidence that could only be achieved with the intricate and beautiful art of their incredible talents. From the moment of my first visit where I learned they wanted to help me, I was in tears from their grandest gestures of kindness. I was overcome by each person that was somehow just as compassionate, gentle, reassuring and purely joyous in demeanor and upright in character as the next. The welcomed me in as family, and as the hold each other in such kind standards, it is easy to be drawn in to that contagious happiness and sweet camaraderie along with the sheer magnitude of natural ability to put one at ease at the epitome of comfort while taking care of each and every dental need. They nothing unattended while addressing issues with my mouth that most would dismiss while trying to hurry me out of their office. I was amazed to find… that the competency and grace of their profession was unlike any I’ve ever come across or heard word of by others in visits to various offices proclaimed to be the best over the years. They successfully quelled fears and replaced nervousness built through years of bad experiences in dental offices within minutes of settling down into that dental chair that used to be a symbol of trepidation for me. Every time I walk into that office I find I’m not only at ease and instantly drawn into the gentle joy of those in the office., but I also leave those doors with a unique positive energy and hopeful feeling that helps me overcome my own mountains and make my own world a positive and beautiful place to be. I’ve never seen anyone take such care in creating anything as when Dr Shuck sat beside me creating this masterpiece like it was going to be going in his own mouth. Dr Abbott came in herself to see how I was throughout and how the progress was going. It was wonderful to see that the entire dentist staff on a whole seemed to take a personal interest in my progress and happiness just as they appeared to be with all the other patients during my visits. They concentrated on giving me the best experience possible and providing the most magnificent work that their hands could create. I am so grateful to you all. You will never see me go elsewhere. I am trying to get my entire family over their to experience such greatness. You guys rock!!!

    Problematic tooth problem fixed

    Nov 09, 2011 by M.W.
    Dr. Abbott- Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of my “problematic” tooth + me! You are amazing and I am so thankful our family is in your dental care! Thank you for working beyond your scheduled time yesterday and for all of your energy and hard work during my past two visits there! Thank you for your care and compassion! Thank you for everything! You are truly amazing!

    Outstanding dental care

    Aug 18, 2011 by Mary Paige Price
    To Future Patients – I have been a patient of Dr. Jeryl Abbott for almost 10 years. Dr Abbott is the most compassionate and knowledgeable dentist I have ever visited. In the past, I have had terrible experiences with dental care which made me very shy about going to the dentist. Compound years of not routinely visiting the dentist with weak dental genetics, my mouth was in serious trouble when I first met Dr. Abbott, Within a year, showing true compassion and giving the best care, follow-up care and education I have ever experienced, my oral health was on the first track to near perfection. 10 years later, I still get a cavity here and there, however, when I do, Dr. Abbott is right there to make sure I am still following my dental care regimen, and make any necessary changes id needed. Also, when I am cavity free, Dr. Abbott and her staff are there to cheer me up. I can recommend Dr. Abbott and Midlothian Dental Arts without hesitation. Best Regards
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